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Values and Access

"... in the knowledge of justice, the love of it;
And in that love, the love of all existences"

[The Gorsedd Prayer, Iolo Morganwg]

In Tamesis, we aim to treat people equitably and aim to make reasonable accommodations for all participants. We will not tolerate behaviour, language or attitudes which contravene these values.

If you are interested in attending our events and have questions about inclusion and accessibility please contact us using the links below.



Tamesis is an inclusive and diverse Druidry group committed to equity. We do not require membership of a specific Order or Group (e.g. OBOD or ADF) before participating in our events. The only prerequisites for attending events are an interest in Druidry, mutual respect and a willingness to adhere to the values of our Group.

We will not exclude members on the grounds of actual or perceived characteristics such as: race or ethnic identity; gender or gender identity; sexual orientation; disability, physical or mental health status; or current or previous religious or spiritual beliefs. We aim to treat people with a goal of equity and aim to make reasonable accommodations for all participants.

We will not tolerate behaviour, speech or attitudes which contravenes these values. Specifically: ableism; racism; misogyny; homophobia and transphobia; and religious intolerance are not welcome in Tamesis.


While Tamesis events are outdoors, we actively work to improve their accessibility.

We choose a meeting point e.g. a café or pub that has access to toilets and somewhere to rest and socialise while we wait for members to arrive before heading to the site we will conduct our ceremony.

A Google maps image with the meeting point and approximate routes and distances marked is sent via our email list for any meeting or ceremony. This will include access notes on the area such as transport links, paths, surfaces and terrain. 

If you need any further access information or have any other needs we can reasonably accommodate, please get in touch.

If you in a position to help us improve our access provision, we would also be delighted to hear from you.

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