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Tamesis meets eight times a year to celebrate the Wheel of the Year at different outdoor locations across London, including Primrose Hill, Queen's Woods, Hilly Fields and Richmond Park. Details of each event are sent out via our email list and the dates are given below.

If you are interested in attending Tamesis events, please subscribe to our email list to receive details of our celebrations throughout the year.


Accessibility and inclusion are at the heart of what we do in Tamesis and we try to make our celebrations as accessible as possible for an outdoor meeting. Please take a moment to look at our Values and Access section on this site for more detailed information.

Ceremonies will follow a pattern familiar to those who have attended druid events before, lead by a Druid Celebrant with participation from all attending using a mix of traditional druid rite and intuitive ritual. 


Offerings of food, drink and creativity to share are a common feature in contemporary druid rituals, at Tamesis ceremonies these offerings are invitations but not requirements: we respect and affirm those who are not in a position to share for whatever reason.


We are making the necessary adjustments to keep each other safe during the ongoing pandemic and are asking people not to join us if they or a member of their household/bubble/support group are covid-positive or symptomatic.

Seasonal Celebrations Across London
  • Midsummer
    Sat, 24 Jun
    Celebrate the longest day and the highest light of the year.
  • Lughnasadh
    Sat, 29 Jul
    London, UK
    Celebrate the coming of the harvest with a gentle, informal ceremony and an afternoon of divination
  • Autumn Equinox
    Sat, 23 Sept
    London, UK
    Celebrate the balance of light and dark and the harvest season at the Autumn Equinox
  • Samhuinn
    Sat, 28 Oct
    London, UK
    Samhuinn ceremony to mark the closing of the agricultural year and honour our beloved ancestors.
  • Midwinter
    Sat, 09 Dec
    London, UK
    Celebrate the darkest time of year and the returning of the light at Midwinter.
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